WR55X10025 Temperature Sensor for GE Refrigerators by PartsBroz – Replaces Part Numbers AP3185407, 914093, AH304103, EA304103, PS304103, WR50X10027, WR50X10034, WR50X10055, WR50X10067, WR55X10025B

Safely store any perishable food in coolers for the duration of the repair. You'll just need a quarter-inch nut driver, wire strippers, and 2 butt connectors. High-quality design: this high-quality exact equivalent part meets or exceeds all original manufacturer specifications for fit and performance. Part number wr55x10025: it's a high-quality exact equivalent for part numbers wr55x10025, ps304103, wr55x10711, ap3185407, wr50x10055, wr55x10735, wr50x10034, wr55x10736, wr55x10380, ea304103, wr55x10025b, ah304103, wr50x10067, wr55x10030, wr55x10028, wr50x10027, wr55x10089, wr55x10026, wr55x10027, 914093, wr55x10367, wr55x10661, WR55X10088, wr55x10087, and WR55X10737.

For ge refrigerators: this temperature sensor fits hundreds of General Electric refrigerator models. When the thermistor burns out or malfunctions, your fridge will start acting up. The temperature sensor, also called a thermistor, senses and then communicates the fridge's temperature to the thermostat. Helpful supplies include a quarter-inch nut driver, work gloves, wire strippers, and two butt connectors.

Installing a new temperature sensor may fix the following problems: refrigerator is too hot or too cold freezer is too hot or too coldrefrigerator runs too longexcessive ice buildup on the inside of the freezer compatible brands and models include but are not limited to: ge: dss25pfmdww gsh22jstass gsh22kgmdww gsh25jftabb gsh25jftaww gsh25kgmcbb gsh25sgress gsl22jfphbs gsl22jfrebs gsl22jftabs gsl25igrbbs gsl25jfpbbs gsl25jfrfbs gss20iemaww gss20iepcww gss20iepdww gss20iepjww gss20ietaww gss22jemcww gss22jemdww pss25mgmaww pss25mgmbww pss25ngmaww pss25ngnabb pss25ngnaww pss26mgpaww pss26sgrass pss26sgrcss pss26sgrdss pss26sgress sss25kfmcww sss25kfmdww zfsb23dndss zfsb26dnass replaces several part numbers: wr55x10025, 914093, wr55x10661, wr55x10087, ea304103, wr55x10089, wr55x10711, WR55X10028, WR55X10088, WR50X10067, AP3185407, WR50X10027, WR55X10030, WR55X10367, WR55X10735, AH304103, WR55X10027, WR55X10025B, WR55X10736, WR55X10380, WR50X10055, WR50X10034, PS304103, WR55X10026, WR55X10737 Unsure about compatibility? Reach out to us on the PartsBroz store front or in the customer questions and answer section.

This repair takes only 30 to 60 minutes.

WR51X10055 Defrost Heater and Bracket Assembly for GE & Kenmore Refrigerators by PartsBroz - Replaces Part Numbers AP3183311, 914088, AH303781, EA303781, PS303781, WR51X10030

It's durably made and designed to help extend the life of your refrigerator. It offers long-lasting durability and compatibility with many side-by-side Kenmore, GE, and Hotpoint brand refrigerators. Doing so will give you back control over your refrigerator's temperature. Easy diy fix: fix your fridge without any special tools.

Part number wr51x10055: it's a high-quality exact equivalent to part number wr51x10055. We're happy to help ensure you select the right part for your refrigerator. Unsure about compatibility? Please comment below in the customer questions and answer section or send us a message on the PartsBroz storefront.

Installation tips before beginning the repair, you need to empty out your freezer and unplug the refrigerator. Defrost heaters prevent your fridge's cooling coils from frosting over. It also replaces part numbers 914088, ea303781, ah303781, ps303781, WR51X10030, and B003BIGDIG. Fits top name brands: use it to fix your general electric ge, 36358072896, Hotpoint, 36358892898, 36350622000, or Kenmore refrigerator.

You only need a quarter-inch nut driver and a Phillips head screwdriver to install the PartsBroz defrost heater. High-quality part: this defrost heater and bracket assembly meets all original manufacturer specifications for performance and fit. Easy fix for a broken Fridge Replacing a broken or faulty defrost heater takes no time at all.

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