Water Line Professor – Quickly and Easily Unfreeze Your Refrigerator Water Dispenser 36 in – Frozen Water Line Tool

Click the "add to cart" button above and you'll have a working water dispenser in no time. No need to call an appliance repair technician and pay for a service call; No need to spend money on expensive refrigeration tools and hard to find parts and equipment. Has your refrigerator water dispenser stopped working all of a sudden, but the ice maker still works? Chances are your water line is frozen inside the fridge freezer door.

This kit is made to work with standard 1/4" water dispensers and lines. If it goes all the way in, you do not have a frozen line. This is very common with ge and several other major brand refrigerators To be 100% sure that is the issue, insert a 8"- 12" zip tie or weed whacker line into the water dispenser tube.

And it's so easy to use! it is a premium leak-free syringe with custom small diameter tubing that is made to fit inside your dispenser outlet line. Quick and easy way to thaw and defrost your frozen fridge water dispenser line; It's so easy ANYONE can do it. Are you scared to call a repair person or service technician because of the high cost? Water Line Professor is your own personal appliance repairman.

Forget the hair dryer thawing hacks that don't work; The Water Line Professor is your solution to unfreeze the in-line tubing. And good news - our tubing is extra long to reach the ice blockage every time. Water line professor saves you the expense and the hassle - it's a great DIY tool to fix the common problem of frozen water dispensers.

GE WR17X11653 Dispenser Door Flap

Crank no longer included. This dispenser door flap mounts in the ice dispenser. Genuine GE replacement part. Crank sold separately.

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