Rinnai Rice Cooker 55 Cups NSF Commercial GAS RER55ASL Propane Gas

Item #: rer55asn, propanE Gas. Electrical requirement: 120 v. Ac / 60hz; 23 watts, 120v / 3A Fuse. Both csa and NSF Certification. Gas input: 9600 BTU. Cooks rice in large or small quantities enamel outer casing with aluminum cook pot Automatic two-stage burner Automatic simmer Accurate and dependable thermostat Durable handles Easy to clean Uses gas : propane Only rice cooker in North America with Both CSA and NSF Certification 55 cups uncooked 110 cups cooked porpane gas.


Valent USA Orthene PCO Pellets

Not for sale: ak, hi, ct, CA, NY. Active ingredient: Acephate 97. 4%. 1 box = 10* 1. 40 oz packetsActive ingredient: Acephate 97. 4%not for sale: ak, hi, ca, ct, ny 1 box = 10* 1.40 oz packets.

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