Refrigerator Water Valve for Maytag Whirlpool WP67005154 AP6010439 PS11743618

Both coils are Rated 120 Volts. Replacement for numbers 8208153, ap4080917, ap6010439, 67003818, 8208275, ps11743618, 67005154, ps2068910, WP67005154. Robertshaw part number IMV-114. Refrigerator Ice and Water Inlet Solenoid Valve. 5/16 inch inlet. And 5/16inch outlet. All connections are quick disconnect. Yellow coil is rated 20 watts and has 3/16inch terminals.

Green coil is rated 35 Watts and has 1/4inch Terminals.

ICEPURE Refrigerator Water Filter, Compatible with Maytag UKF8001, UKF8001AXX, UKF8001P, Whirlpool 4396395, 469006, EDR4RXD1, EveryDrop Filter 4, Puriclean II, RWF0900A 1PACK

Tested at a flow rate of 05 gpm to a capacity of 300 gallons for the reduction of Chlorine, Taste and Odor. For detailed setup guideline, please refer to the installation instruction in the box. We promise a risk-free shopping experience backed up with our reliable customer service and technical support team.

Compatible models】maytag ukf8001 water filter, 469005, owf51, yealink wf50, waterdrop wd ukf8001, mist ukf8001, viking rwffr, k&j ukf8001, ukf8001-750, 67003523-750, ukf9001, ukf8001p, 4396395, ukf8001axx, amzn-ukf8001-a, 12589203, whirlpool edr4rxd1 filter 4, pur, onepurify rfc0900a, ukf8001axx-200, wds-ukf8001, sgf-m9, w10181835, 4609084, 46-9992, aqf-ukf8001, wf295, 9084, r9006, 9006, hdx fmm-2, gi6fdrxxy07, 67003591, puriclean ii, kbfs25etss01, 469006-750, ICEPURE is an independent brand.

Operation specifications OPERATING TEMP. 34-100? operating pressure------30-120psi flow rate--------05-1 gpm filtration life----------6 months/1500g depends on water quality and level of contaminants. No any harmful substances contains in this filter. Rwf0900a compatible with maytag----ukf8001, 12589210, 12589208, 67003528, kenmore------46-9006, 469006, the manufacturer`s names, 46 9006, 9006, 67003527, 12589206, ukf9001, ukf-8001p, ukf8001axx, 67003591, 67003727, 12589203, 46 9992 whirlpool- ---4396395 everydrop-----edr4rxd1;filter 4 aqua fresh-----wf295 swift green---- sgf-m10 ?important??please be aware that this is a compatible Spare Part, KITCHENAID--------67003526, 67003523, Part Numbers Have Been Used For Compatibility Information ONLY.

Easy installation and Operation No tools required. 100% 90-days manufacture warranty we are sure youll enjoy the benefits of our product! We offer 90-day money back guarantee and a friendly customer service FAQ Please feel free to contact us, we will response within 24hrs or less.

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ICEPURE UKF8001 Replacement Refrigerator Water Filter, Compatible with Maytag UKF8001, UKF8001AXX, UKF8001P, Whirlpool 4396395, 469006, EDR4RXD1, EveryDrop Filter 4, Puriclean II, RWF0900A 2PACK

Filterlogic UKF8001 Water Filter, Replacement for Maytag UKF8001P, UKF8001AXX, Whirlpool 4396395, 469006, EDR4RXD1, EveryDrop Filter 4, Puriclean II, NSF 53&42 Certified, package may varyPack of 3

We promise a risk-free shopping experience backed up with our reliable customer service and technical support team. Compatible models】maytag ukf8001 water filter, 4609084, pur, sgf-m9, amzn-ukf8001-a, ukf8001axx, whirlpool edr4rxd1 filter 4, wf295, 469006-750, onepurify rfc0900a, ukf8001-750, 9084, k&j ukf8001, ukf8001p, 46-9992, ukf9001, 469005, yealink wf50, gi6fdrxxy07, 67003523-750, kbfs25etss01, aqf-ukf8001, hdx fmm-2, r9006, 4396395, w10181835, wds-ukf8001, viking rwffr, 9006, waterdrop wd ukf8001, 12589203, puriclean ii, 67003591, owf51, ukf8001axx-200, mist ukf8001, ICEPURE is an independent brand.

Certified to wqa/upc and nsf 53 to effectively remove lead, cyst, benzene and mercury while retaining beneficial minerals for healthier drinking water. Safely and healthily enjoy your drinking water. Widely recognized high quality】the filter meets european ec1935-2004 regulations, australian Water Mark, and has the certificatons of TUV, ROHS, reach, BPA FREE.

100% money-back guarantee】 six-months return policy guaranteed! product life time warranty on every Filter Confirmed With Defects in Material and Workmanship Within Each Filter's 6 Months Service Life. The exquisite design promises leak-free fit and it offers reasonable price without compromising quality.

Compatible refrigerator modelsjfc2089bep, kfis25xvms, kfcs22evms, mfd2561heb, jfc2290rep00, gi6fdrxxy, jfc2089hpy, jfc2290vtb3, jsd2697key, mfi2568aew, jfc2290rep, wrf535swhw00, jfc2070krs, kbfs22ewms, wrx735dbm02, gx5fhtxvq, wrf535swhv00, jfi2089wes, kbfs20evms, kfis20xvms, jsd2695kgb, gi6farxxy, kbfs20evwh, gz25fsrxyy, jfc2089bep01, jfc2087hrs, mfi2569vem4, msd2651keu, kfco22evbl, jsd2695kes, mfc2061kes, mfd2560hes, kfco22evbl, mfi2266aeu, jfc2089bep00, lsd2615hew, mfi2568aes, gi6fdrxxy, mfi2569veq1, jfc2290vem, jbl2088hes, jfc2089bem00, gz25fsrxyy, afd2535fes, wrx735sdbm, jsd2690hes, jcd2295kes, msd2651kgb, gi6farxxb, msd2657hew, gi6farxxb, gi0fsaxvy, kfcp22exmp, mfi2568aeb, jfc2089wep, mzd2665hes, mfx2571xem, gx5fhtxvy, kfcp22exmp, gz25fsrxyy5, mfi2569yeb0, mfi2269vem10, lsd2615hez, wrx735sdbm, gi6sarxxf05, jfc2089bem, jfc2290rtb00, gx5fhtxvq, mfi2269vea1, wrf535swhz, jfd2589kes, jfc2290rtb, kbfs25ewms, mzd2665hew, gi5fsaxvy02, msd2655heq, jfc2089bem01, mfi2269vew, gz25fsrxyy5, kbfs22ewms, gx5fhtxvy, jfc2089hep, mfi2665xem, jfc2290rem, jfc2290rem00, mfi2569yem0, wrx735sdhb00, msd2651hew, afi2538aes, jfc2089hes, kbfs20evms, jfc2087hrp, kfis25xvms, jcd2292htb, kfcs22evms, wrx735sdbm00, mfi2266aew, mfd2561hes, jfc2089wem, fc2089wem9, kfxs25ryms, mfi2269veb, jcd2389ges, msd2650keu, gi6sarxxf05, mfx2570aem, jfi2089aes, mcd2257kes, jfc2290vep4, gz25fsrxyy2, wrf555sdhv00, msd2641keb, gi0fsaxvy, gi5fsaxvy02, jfi2089aep, mfi2670xem, msd2651kes, gi6farxxy, kbfs25ewms, mcd2257hes, jfc2290vep, wrf555sdfz, kfis20xvms, mfi2269vem, jcd2290hes, mfi2569vem, jfx2597aem, kbfs20evwh, kfxs25ryms4, jcb2058gew, Z25FSRXYY2, KFIS25XVMS1.

Significantly improve the drinking water taste.

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Whirlpool W10882923 Ice Maker

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Certified to nsf 372 for lead-free material, giving you the basic protection. No any harmful substances contains in this filter. This is an authorized aftermarket product. Works with the following models: Amana 36538, Maytag 36538. Certified to nsf 42 to significantly improve water quality by reducing chlorine, taste and odor.

Fits with various Whirlpool brand models. Maytag ars2304ab, maytag ARB1917CW. Replacement for 95109-1, 4317943, 626636, d703817, 626639, 4211173, d7824701, d7824705. Replacement for maytag ukf8001, wf50-ni300, 46-9006, 12589201, 67003528, puriclean ii, 469006750, ukf8001axx-200, 67003591, wrx735sdbm, wf50-kwi500, 67003527, 4396395, owf50-wi500, 12589206, ukf8001p, ukf8001axx-750, wrx735sdhz, whirlpool edr4rxd2, 67003727, 67003523, wf-ukf8001, ukf8001-750, 67003526, 469006, 9005p, 67003523, everydrop filter 4, 9005, 67006474, ukf8001axxp, 12589203, wf50-kni300, kenmore 9006, 469005, 46-9005, 67002269, wf50-wi500, ukf8001axx, ukf8001t, 67006637, 12589210; owf51, 67002671, 12589208, wf50-ni500, 469005750, OWF50-NI300.

Replacement for kitchenaid 8171032, aqua fresh wf295, kbfs25etss01, golden icepure rwf0900a, pure green pg-8001, onepurify rfc0900a, waterspecialist ws607b, pure line pl-400, mist cwmf004, more pure filters MPF15090, clear choice clch101, sgf-m10, maxblue mb-ukf8001-p, tier1 rwf1040, aquacrest aqf-ukf8001, 8171249, waterdrop wd-ukf8001, icepure, EcoBlueLife EBL7770, Swift Green SGF-M9, HDX FMM-2, crystala filters cf5, FilterLogic FL-RF07.

Im900 icemaker is designed to fit specific whirlpool manufactured refrigerators including Roper, Amana, Maytag, Kitchenaid, Jenn Air, Magic Chef and some Sears Kenmore. This will not fit GE, Hotpoint & Frigidaire manufactured refrigerators. This item does not include Head Cover, Bail Arm & Water Trough.

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