Outdoor 50,000 BTU 18 Qt Propane Gas Dual Basket Tailgate Party Fun Deep Fryer

18 quart Aluminum Pot. The dual basket fryer comes with everything you need to begin your cooking experience. Two aluminum Strainer Baskets with Insulated Handle. 50, 000 btu cast Iron Burner. Cook two things at once and cut your frying time in half! Whether you're making fish and chips or wings and onion rings, the Dual Basket Fryer gives you the tools to make it yours.

21" welded stand & Dual-sided for cooking two foods at once. Perfect for camping, tailgating, or backyard cooking.

King Kooker KKDFF30T 30-Inch Dual-Burner Outdoor Propane Frying Cart

Portable outdoor propane cart with 2 54, 000-BTU cast burners. 30-inch dual outdoor propane frying cart, 1-aluminum rectangular fry pan with single basket and heat resistant handle, 1-rectangular Aluminum Fry Pan with Double Baskets and Heat Resistant Handles, 2- Deep Fry Thermometers, 000 BTU Cast Burners, Listed LP Hoses and Regulator with Type 1 Connection and Brass Needle Valves, 2-54, Instruction/Recipe Booklet.

Aluminum fry pan with single basket. Lp hoses and regulator with type-1 connector; propane tank sold separately. 2 aluminum fry pans; 3 frying baskets; heat-resistant handles. 30" portable outdoor cooker cart set. Csa design Certified. Brass needle valve for individual flame control; 2 deep-fry thermometers. Wheels for ease of mobility.

Dual 54, 000 btu propane cast burners. Aluminum fry pan with dual baskets and Use the 2 deep fry thermometers to monitor the temperature of the cooking liquids. Measures approximately 19-3/5 by 24 by 32-2/7 inches.

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