Not for USA – Rowenta DW9230 Ferro Vapore 2750-Watt Steam Iron, 220V European Cord

Variable steam of up to 50g/min. Rowenta dw9230 ferro vapored 2750-watt steam iron, 220V European Cord - Not for USA Power: 2750 Watts. 220-240 volts not for USA or Canada.

Rowenta DW6010 Eco Intelligence 2400-Watt Steam Iron, 220V Non-USA Compliant

Rowenta iron vapor. Steam Irons. 3d eco dw6010 stainless steel plate microsteam 40 Groupe seb Deutschland GmbH.

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Rowenta DW9230 Ferro Vapore 2750-Watt Steam Iron, 220V (European Cord - Not for USA)