NEW WR55X10942 Control Board Motherboard for GE Refrigerator PS2364946 AP443621 WR55X10942P by PartsForLess Co- 1 Year Warranty

Contact us for compatibility Questions /. A constant clicking from the motherboard indicates a bad board. A bad motherboard may show burnt marks or bad soldering joints from overheating on the front or back of the board. Quality replacement Refrigerator Main Board for GE. Part numbers; wr55x10942 ps2364946 ap443621 wr55x10942p wr55x10942 wr55x10956, wr49x10152, wr55x10968, wr55x11098, wr55x10560, ps2364946 ap443621 wr55X10942P.

Quality design backed by 1 YEAR WARRANTY for Peace of mind. If the refrigerator lights dim when you get ice/water, or if the ice melts and refreezes are also signs of a bad motherboard. A hum and then a click a few seconds later from the compressor indicates a compressor or relay issue but not a motherboard problem.


GE WR62X10055 Solenoid Assembly for Refrigerator

Genuine GE factory part. Genuine original equipment manufacturer OEM parts! This dispenser ice chute door solenoid part number WR62X10055 is for refrigerators. Wear work gloves to protect your hands. Safely store any food that could deteriorate while the power is off and unplug the refrigerator before installing this part.

For hotpoint, Ge Americana, & Rca. Dispenser ice chute door solenoid WR62X10055 opens and closes the ice chute door on the ice dispenser. Wr62x10055. Solenoid Assembly. 1 year manufacturer warranty.

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