Italian Made 12 x 46 Inch Ironing Board Padded Cover, Titanium Coated, Superior Scorch & Stain Resistance, High Heat Retention, 3 Layer Padded w/Connecting Straps – Color/Blue Patent Pending

After installing simply pull the bungee to the desired taut for the perfect fit. Scorch-resistant, stain-resistant & superGlide performance - Titanium is inherently superior in Scorch & Stain resistance while providing a free-glide wrinkle free surface for your ironing. 3 connecting straps - connecting straps underneath to securely hold the cover in place after adjusting the bungee cord to the desired fit.

Purchase with confidence as all of our products are produced only in Fair-Trade facilities with the highest safety standards. Our ironing board covers are unmatched in the industry, with European workmanship & attention to detail. The efficiency of the process & the results are based on the type of technology & construction of the cover.

The titanium treated textile properties of this ironing board cover are unmatched. All of our products come with a 2YEAR WARRANTY! Simply turn any ironing board into a professional & efficient press-station. Taniumtek pro has been carefully engineered to provide exceptional heat-retention, while evaporating moisture quickly with MoistureVap technology.

Resulting in a crease-free surface with SuperGlide element, providing remarkable performance. This cover is extremely durable & will save you time & energy! Choosing the right cover for your ironing board makes all the difference when it comes to garment-care! There is no other component that plays a bigger role than the Ironing board surface itself.

All of our covers are one-piece construction allowing for Crease-Free ironing surface.

Dritz Clothing Care 82446 Ironing Board Cover Fasteners 4-Count

Fights cover wrinkling. Stretch strap to the other side of the cover. 1. Position strap underneath ironing board on one side of the cover. 2. Place cover between the clasp’s teeth and close. 5. 4. 3 8-3/8-inch 21. 27 cm. 1 6-5/8-inch 16. 83 cm. Keep out of reach of children! Keep covers from slipping. Repeat until all fasteners are placed.

Ironing board cover fasteners by Dritz's Clothing Care Line keep covers from slipping and fights cover wrinkling. 3. Contains 4 Fasteners. Place cover between the clasp’s teeth and close.

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