Infinity ICO788DH Digital + Halogen Turbo Convection Oven

Thanks to the technology of the Infinity halogen-heating convection oven, you never have to preheat or defrost again. Easy to use digital timer and termperature setting with LCD display. The infinity halogen-infrared convection oven uses safe infrared technology to cook food faster and more thoroughly without generating the high heat that may trigger an unhealthy result.

Ten preset auto cooking selections. The infinity halogen-infrared convection oven takes the concept of tabletop convection ovens one step further: introducing the halogen lamp as the heat source. With this new cooking technology, the halogen-heating oven cooks up to 50% faster compared to conventional ovens.

Cooking temperature ranges from 65°C to 250°C 149°F to 482°F. There is also no need for defrosting: simply place the frozen meat inside the oven and this unique heating system starts cooking the frozen food immediately. A complete all-in-one, broil, dehydrate, versatile cooking appliance to roast, barbeque, steam, grill, bake, defrost, and air-fry.

Transparent tempered glass lid and heat resistant glass bowl. The oven require no fats or oils for cooking poultry, and more, pork, meats, making it the ultimate all-purpose oven for anyone wanting to prepare healthy, delicious meals. The infinity halogen-infrared convection Oven is more efficient because it saves up to 50% of the energy used compared to standard conventional ovens.

It saves additional time because it does not require preheating.

Suney 012065 120V/1300W, 12L-17L Convection Turbo Oven Halogen Heating Lamp All wide Diameter 5 7/8" 150mm

Suitable for multiful brand of Halogen Oven. Easy Installation. 120v/1300w all wide diameter is 5 7/8" 150 mm. 12 lite - 17 liter halogen Oven Universal Heating Halogen Bulb. Long life Heating ELement. Round type halogen heating Lamp Tungsten Electric Heating Filament sealed in Quartz Glass Tube.

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