General Electric WR49X10021 De-Icing Kit

This is a genuine replacement part. Refrigerator-replacement-parts. This is a genuine replacement part, the model number and name for The Following Item: General Electric GENF0 WR49X10021 Refrigerator Drain Pan General electric GENF0 .

GE WR60X10185 Refrigerator/Freezer DC Evaporator Fan Motor

Located in freezer. Authorized part. Fits with various GE brand models. Oem part # wr60X10185. This is an O. E. M. Sturdy 4 wire harness. This is an o. E. M. The product is manufactured in Mexico. Authorized part. Fits with various GE brand models. Fan motor is a 9. 75 volt, DC motor. Works with many GE, Hotpoint, and other refrigerators.

Genuine GE factory part. Oem part # wr60X10185.

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