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The Indian in the Cupboard

Yearling RH-9780375847530 #ad - Will omri be able to keep little Bear without anyone finding out and taking his precious Indian from him? Weight - 03625. Width - 5. 25. Trying to hide his disappointment, Omri puts the Indian in a metal cupboard and locks the door with a mysterious skeleton key that once belonged to his great-grandmother.

. Depth - 7. 62. Full of magic and appealing characters, this classic novel takes readers on a remarkable adventure. It's omri's birthday, patrick, but all he gets from his best friend, is a little plastic Indian toy. Little does omri know that by turning the key, he will transform his ordinary plastic Indian into a real live man from an altogether different time and place! Omri and the tiny warrior called Little Bear could hardly be more different, yet soon the two forge a very special friendship.

The Indian in the Cupboard #ad - Height - 063.

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