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4099 Great Northern Popcorn Premium, Popcorn Portion Packs, 2.5 Ounce, Pack of 24

Gnp utilizes the most advanced equipment for conditioning and processing the popcorn to insure it meets the government's highest standards. Serves 2. 4 ounce portion Pack: Makes about 5 quarts per cycle. Don't lift 50lb bags of popcorn. If you just purchased one our new popcorn machines or are looking for that great theater taste in your existing machine, stop looking! This is great tasting, high-volume popcorn that pops up fluffy time and time again.

These convenient portion packs let you have fresh, at parties, tasty popcorn while watching movies, church, office, or at social events in your home, hot, or business. Serves 4-8. 8 ounce portion pack: Makes about 10 quarts per cycle. No measuring cups, just everything in a user-friendly pouch. Serves 2-4. 6 ounce portion Pack: Makes about 7.

5 quarts per cycle. We truly believe we offer the best tasting popcorn in USA. What size portion pack should I buy?How much popcorn does each pack make?2. 5 ounce portion pack: Makes about 3+ quarts per cycle. No matter who is popping, every batch is sensational popcorn.

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