DCS 51-1461 #ad - 13007-2. Thermocouple. Thermocouple test adaptor, n107, # 721003 thermocouple adaptor for closed circuit test of thermocouples using a suitable millivolt test meter. Analog multi-tester meter n112, # 721008 dynamic Cooking Systems part. 2nd day air shipping is available from Global Appliance.

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Replace parts 3-Pack Stainless Steel Electrode Replacement for Select DCS Gas Grill Models

Replace parts #ad - Replacement for dcs 27dbq, 27fsbq, 27dsbqr, 48dbqr, 48dbqar, 27dbqr, 48ebqar, 36dbqar, 48dbq, 27dBR, 36dbq, 27dsbq, 36dbqr, 36ebqar, 48ebqr, 27fsbqr, BGA27-BQ. Replacement for dcs bga27-bqr, bga48-bqarl, bga48-bqrl, bga48-bqrn, bgb30-bqrl, bga48-bqarn, bgb30-bqrn, bga36-bqarl, bgb36-bqarl, bga36-bqarn, BGB36-BQARN.

Easy to install and easy to use.

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Zljiont Replacement Gas Grill Ceramic Radiants, BBQ Grill Ceramic Rods for DCS Heat Plates, for DCS Grill 245398, DCSCT, 9.5" long 18

Zljiont #ad - Only the highest quality materials used. Fits: bgb30-bqr, dcs 27-dsbqr, dcs bga48-bqarn, dcs bga36-bqarl, dcs 48ebqar, dcs bga48-bqrn, dcs bga48-bqrl, dcs bga27-bq, dcs 27dsbq, dcs 27-dsbq, dcs 36ebqar, dcs 36dbq, dcs 27-fsbqr, bdcs ga27-bqr, dcs bgb48-bqr, dcs 48ebqr, dcs 27-dbr, dcs 27fsbqr, dcs 27dsbqr, dcs bgb48-bqar, dcs 48dbqr, dcs 27-dbqr, dcs bga36-bqarn, dcs 48dbq, dcs 36dbqr, dcs bgb36-bqar, dcs 27-fsbq, dcs 27dbr, dcs 27dbqr, dcs 36dbqar, dcs 27fsbq, dcs 48dbqar, dcs bga48-bqarl, dcs 36-DBQ;.

Fits: bga27-bq, 48-dbqar, bgb-36-bqar, 48-ebqar, 27-fsbqr, 48-ebqr, 27-dbqr, 36-ebqar, 27-dbr, bgb36-bqar, bgb-48-bqar, bga-48-bqrl, 36-dbqar, 48-dbq, bga-27-bqr, bgb48-bqr, bga48-bqrn, bga36-bqarl, 48-dbqr, bga-36-bqarn, bgb48-bqar, bga-36-bqarl, 27-dsbq, bga36-bqarn, 27-dsbqr, bga-48-bqarn, 36-dbqr, bga48-bqrl, bga-27-bq, bga-48-bqarl, bga-48-bqrn, bga48-bqarn, 27-fsbq, bga27-bqr, bga48-bqarl, 36-dbq, bgb-48-bqR;.

Also fits: dcs 36-dbqar, dcs bgb-36-bqar, dcs 36-dbqr, dcs bga-27-bqr, dcs bga-48-bqarn, dcs 48-dbqar, dcs 48-ebqar, dcs bga-36-bqarl, dcs bgb-48-bqar, dcs 48-ebqr, dcs 48-dbqr, dcs bga-48-bqrl, dcs 36-ebqar, dcs bga-48-bqrn, dcs bga-48-bqarl, dcs bga-27-bq, dcs bga-36-bqarn, dcs 48-dbq, dcs bgb-48-BQR;.

Zljiont Replacement Gas Grill Ceramic Radiants, BBQ Grill Ceramic Rods for DCS Heat Plates, for DCS Grill 245398, DCSCT, 9.5" long 18 #ad - Fits dcs models: 27dbqr, 36dbqar, 27dsbq, 36ebqar, 48dbqar, 48dbqr, 48ebqar, 27dsbqr, 27fsbq, 48dbq, 36dbqr, 27dbr, 36dbq, 27fsbqr, 48EBQR;. Dimensions: long 9. 5" ; material: ceramic; parts Kit Includes 18 pcs BBQ Grill Ceramic. Specifications: - Dimensions: Long 9. 5" - parts kit includes 18 pcs bbq grill ceramic -material: ceramic;  replacement for dcs 27dbq, 48ebqr, 27dsbq, 27dbqr, 27dsbqr, 36ebqar, 48dbq, 48ebqar, 36dbqar, 48dbqar, 36dbqr, 27dBR, 27fsbqr, 27fsbq, 48dbqr, 36dbq, BGA27-BQ.

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