Compact Commercial Countertop Soft Serve Machine

Measures approximately 26 inches high by 9 inches wide by 26 inches deep. Polar swirl's commercial-grade batch freezer makes up to 12 quarts of soft serve ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, or sorbet per hour! Perfect for food service or outdoor kitchen use. Commercial-grade machine makes soft serve products in just 20 minutes!

Space saver with the smallest footprint of any soft serve machine in its class. Durable construction with stainless steel panels and dishwasher-safe parts. A refrigerated hopper allows you to store product in the machine overnight.

Frostline Vanilla Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix, 6 Pounds

Take your pick from rich and creamy yogurt to a variety of soft serve mixes, small shops, convenience stores, including lactose-free and dairy-free options! Frostline Soft Serve is perfect for restaurants, and other businesses looking to serve a fast delicious frozen yogurt mix with their soft serve machine.

Each pack makes 113 ½ cup servings. Stock keeping unit sku - D400-C4000 What is frostline soft serve? It is a dry mix that is reconstituted with cold water and frozen down in a soft serve machine. Make your business a destination with Frostline Soft Serve. Depending on the amount of overrun your soft serve machine is set up for, a 1/2 cup of prepared soft serve may weigh more or less than 91g and will affect the number of servings.

If you enjoy frostline soft serve check out other amazing food products by Kent Foods, Land O’Lakes, such as Dole Soft Serve, Orrington Farms, Mrs. Low in fat. Product contains Soybean or Soybean Derivative. Frostline soft Serve is manufactured by Kent Precision Foods. Wages, thick-it, and Southern Gourmet available on Amazon.

Product contains Milk or Milk Derivatives. Although low in fat, it provides the same creamy mouth feel and delicious taste as traditional dairy soft serve.

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