Color: Beige Patent Pending – TIVIT 19″ x 55″ Wide Eco-Friendly Ironing Board Cover & Pad, Italian Made, EcoTek, Unbleached, Chemical Free, All Natural Dual-Layer Design,

Don't compromise on quality - sick and tired of inferior ironing board covers and pads? We know how frustrating it can be to keep sticking on damp patches and tearing through flimsy fabrics after only a handful of uses. For even more stability, our covers come with 3 fully adjustable connecting straps to secure the cover beneath the board for unbeatable grip!

We know you'll love it - trust our ironing board covers; we offer a full 2-year warranty, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Providing a smooth ironing surface, free from creases and damp patches, without the use of any chemical treatments like bleaching, manufactured in fair-trade facilities. Naturally high-tech! - we've made sure that our ecotek ironing board covers perform not only on the surface but underneath too.

Boasting an entirely chemical-free, untreated, 100% cotton surface - sewn tightly to our equally ecological 100% natural wool padding to create a dual-layer system with optimal dynamic heat radiation and breathability. Don't forget! ★ one size does not always fit all!We always recommend measuring your ironing board before purchase.

Ensuring unbeatable performance every time. Premium craftsmanship! ★ tivit ecotek ironing board covers are manufactured exclusively in Italy, to the highest possible standards of quality and safety, using only 100% natural materials. Why should i trust tivit ecotek? the answer is simple - 40 years of textile innovations have led us to this point! TIVIT ironing board covers are the result of extensive research and development; focussed on eradicating the challenges our customers face from inferior covers.

Don't let your clothes suffer! Our EcoTek ironing board covers are up to the challenge!

Dritz Clothing Care 82446 Ironing Board Cover Fasteners 4-Count

Position strap underneath ironing board on one side of the cover. Ironing board cover fasteners by Dritz's Clothing Care Line keep covers from slipping and fights cover wrinkling. Keep out of reach of children! Keep covers from slipping. Place cover between the clasp’s teeth and close. 3 8-3/8-inch 21. 27 cm.

1. 4. Place cover between the clasp’s teeth and close. 2. 1 6-5/8-inch 16. 83 cm. 5. 3. Contains 4 Fasteners. Repeat until all fasteners are placed. Stretch strap to the other side of the cover. Fights cover wrinkling.

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1 6-5/8-inch 16. 83 cm. Allergen free nontoxic formula with antibacterial. Fights cover wrinkling. Keep covers from slipping. Fight dull, yellowing sheets, dingy-looking T-shirts, and other lacklusters with our knock-your-socks-off Whites Detergent.

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